Final conference in Georgia

The final dissemination event held in the end of March, 2022, in Gori aimed at providing project information to all possible stakeholders in the region. The event aimed to provide comprehensive information on the project for students and pupils of Gori municipality, but also for local NGOs and government representatives, on the other hand.

The meeting was held in Gori at the Youth Centre of Gori. For the meeting, representatives of local government institutions, directors of high schools were invited together with NGOs, students and local youth.

Within the first part of the event, the project team briefly introduced themselves and the organization. The project coordinator, Dimitri Kaulashvili, gave a presentation about the Civil Forum, the aims, and goals of the organization, and the activities and projects implemented currently. Afterward, Dimitri talked about Share Your Peace, its aims, and its activities.  He showed the project results and MOODLE platform that were created within the scope of the project. In the end, participants asked questions about Share Your Peace. The ethos of the questions and answers were necessary to widen the cooperation and relationship with the young people from different parts of the world. 

In the end, the event has been evaluated positively by both the project team and meeting participants.  The atmosphere was positive and participants were active in discussions.