Final conference in Germany

As part of the “Share Your Peace” project, Copernicus Berlin had the pleasure to organize a Multiplier event aimed to introduce participants to all project activities, namely the MOODLE platform, e-learning courses and training manual which the consortium has elaborated.

Moreover, during the event was officially released the last project output, the Policy Recommendations document. The Policy Recommendations aim to introduce readers to different peacebuilding and sustainable peace strategies particularly in the four partner countries: Georgia, Ukraine, Germany and Spain.  The policy recommendations also give an overview of policy recommendations and sets out a specific roadmap for the future targeted to all relevant stakeholders’ levels.  The roadmap presents recommendations on policy making at local, national and international areas and specifies the steps that actors need to take at the specific levels. The bulk of attention is on youth institutions and youth workers who are or need to become the prime leading force to bring peace in their communities.

In addition to the project results and activities, the public had an opportunity to discuss the current challenges related to peace and peacebuilding and how the German governament and other public and private institutions are supporting those who fled from the war. A special attention was given to the youth that are advocating for peace and their role in the process.