Final conference in Spain

On 15th of March, 2022, EuropeYou had the pleasure to organize in Torremolinos, Spain, a Multiplier event as part of the KA2 “Share Your Peace” project. The event welcomed 41 attendees interested on peace education and with active role in the community, being youth workers, trainers, facilitators, volunteers as well as representatives of different NGOs.

The main aim of the local conference was to disseminate the project results and outputs of “Share Your Peace” project. Attendees were introduced to all project activities carried out during the project duration as well as to each of the outputs elaborated by the consortium composed by partners from Georgia, Ukraine, Germany and Spain.

In particular, they were introduced to the e-learning modules and MOODLE platform, Training Manual as well as the last output of the project was released, mainly the Policy Recommendations. The public was invited to share SYP project results within their organizations and also to share with us later on, how the materials of our Strategic Partnerships have been used by them and what more they would appreciate to have as additional materials on the topic. The public was positively surprised that all the outputs was also available in Spanish language and they confirmed that this will be really useful for them since the majority of the young people they are working with, have a very basic knowledge of English.

In addition, the event was a great chance of promoting the Erasmus Plus programme to all the public since not all of the attendees knew a lot about it. Moreover, local initiatives and volunteering programmes for young people interested in peace education were presented, as well as a space for networking was created for the attendees after the end of the event.