Final meeting

Final meeting
Share Your Peace
Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth

Project Coordinator: Copernicus Berlin e.V. (Germany)
Project partners: Civil Forum for Peace (Georgia), NGO UNIT (Ukraine), EuropeYou (Spain)

Meeting Format: The final project meeting which needed to be held in Tbilisi (Georgia) was held online by using the Zoom application. The main reason to have the final meeting online and not having the physical one in Georgia was the war in Ukraine and subsequently social and political tensions in Georgia and all Caucasus region.

Date: 29/03/2022

The main points of the meeting were:

i. All project achievements, impact reached, activities, outcomes and outputs were discussed during the meeting.
ii. Partners evaluated the final local conferences success and if all objectives planned were achieved.
iii. The partners defined a dissemination strategy to be implemented after the project for spreading all outcomes and outputs.
iv. The project partners discussed about follow-up measures after project conclusion.
v. Partners defined a set of resources and actions needed for the sustainability of the project in the long term.