First Intermediate meeting

First intermediate meeting
Share Your Peace
Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth

Project Coordinator: Copernicus Berlin e.V. (Germany)
Project partners: Civil Forum for Peace (Georgia), NGO UNIT (Ukraine), EuropeYou (Spain)

Meeting Format: The representatives of UNIT NGO and Civil Forum counted on two more persons for the meeting in Spain, because due to COVID-19 restrictions they were not able to send 2 people to Germany for the Kick of meeting last September, 2020.

Date: 19/06/2021

Meeting Agenda: From 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

i. Presentation of each partner representative.

ii. Check that the project proceeds according to the plan, monitoring the progress of work and taking corrective measures where appropriate.

Project consortium discussed the Online Moodle platform, e-learning modules and the best way for disseminating such outputs between the target groups.

iii. Launch of the SYP ambassador raise awareness campaign.

iv. Discussion on the Peace Training Manual (Intellectual Output 3).

Partners discussed the development of the Peace Training Manual (NGO UNIT, Output leader), the editorial guidelines and contents to be included, divided the chapters of the manual and set the deadlines to be followed for the realization of each activity, including also the translation in each national language once the English version of the training manual is ready.

v.  Second Intermediate Meeting, discussion on possible dates and format. The meeting should be hosted by NGO UNIT in Kyiv, Ukraine in September, 2021.

vi. Discussion on project dissemination strategies and local dissemination events.

vii. Discussion on project interim report and output justification documents.