An online platform was set up in order to create an online space as connection for project target groups (youth workers, youth leaders, youth organisation project managers) and for containing project outputs (IO2,IO3,IO4).

The platform is divided in different spaces:

1.Resource Area, working as repository of documents where users can find relevant materials about peace education.

2. Video Presentation Area: With videos grabbed by project partners that encourage involvement of the target group.

3. E-learning Area:

  • With the e-learning modules (IO2), which address the required skills needed by youth workers in the field of peace education.
  • Quiz Area offering short quizzes to verify what users have learned after each e-learning module and final questionnaire to track users feedback and rate of satisfaction.

4. Output 3 and 4 areas: Where users find the Peace Training Manual (IO3) and Policy Recommendations (IO4).