In the end of May, our partner Asociación EuropeYou had organized the staff training event of “Share your peace” project in Málaga, Spain. The training event involved youth workers coming from Germany, Ukraine, Spain and Georgia. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 restrictions, the Georgian representatives could not travel to Spain, but they were able to participate online, presenting their own modules and all together testing all project materials elaborated by the consortium.

The training programme included the pilot of each e-learning module and its contents, quiz area and the several videos recorded by partners. Through different workshops, presentations and group works, participants had the chance to explore in deep different project topics such as what is peace, negotiation, mediation, and the role of youth work in the peace conflict resolution. Youth workers had an opportunity to share their thoughts about the violation of human rights during conflicts, discussing also the recent conflicts between Israel and Gaza, Armenian and Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Russia.

Moreover, during the training week participants learnt about the different levels of peace advocacy and the importance of peace awareness campaigns at local, national and international level. Indeed, in the last day of the training, in a list of paper each youth worker wrote its own message and after in international groups, participants went around the city organizing their own peace campaign. The main idea was to engage local people with the project topics while promoting the Erasmus Plus programme and the opportunities it brings to youth.

During the training, participants organized their intercultural night, where traditional food, beverages, clothes and dances were presented. Thanks to the different quiz games and videos, participants learnt about each other culture, traditions and a bit of history.

The training finished with the overall evaluation of the week, the feedback and recommendations to be implemented before launching officially the SYP MOODLE platform as well as participants received their Youthpass certificates.