“Share Your Peace” training manual aims to offer youth works, peace educators, professional working in the field of youth, organization providing training in the specific fields of peacebuilding, and all other interested stakeholders, current practice in the field of preparing youth workers for peace work, to reflect about challenges the field faces, and to offer reflections and visions for future developments. The document also contains examples of non-formal educational activities, case studies and recommendation on how to design and deliver peace trainings.

People are seeking for peace through years of existing of our planet. Our history makes people more consciously about understanding of prevention of war and conflicts in different levels. The main method of prevention is education. Specifically, peace education is the process of teaching people about the trends of violence and strategies of peace. Peace education activities attempt to end violence and hostilities can be carried out informally within communities or formally within institutional places of learning, like schools or universities.

We believe that peace education can be taught in all educational levels, being important for people of all ages. Peace education and trainings are seen as a primary pillar for preventing armed conflict and violence, saving lives and freeing up limited resources for social needs. Opportunities for reform and positive change often arise simultaneously during and after conflicts, as peace education initiatives helps youth workers teach the next generation to better understand and address problems that can undermine the rule of law and prepare young people to serve as the next generation of leaders in creating a more equitable society. When designed and delivered well, peace trainings programs enable and encourage young people to think constructively about issues, both physical and social, and to develop constructive attitudes towards living together and solving problems that arise in their communities through peaceful means. Therefore, we hope that you will find a useful information within the pages of our “Share Your Peace” training manual.

The training manual is available in English, German, Spanish, Georgian, and Ukranian language. Enjoy reading!

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